Wednesday, 7 December 2022

Full disclosure time....

So Gail and I have been staying down in Dunoon with our dear friend YAM-aunty for a few days.

Everything has been nice. 

Nice walkies in the forest.

Nice visits to the café.

Nice new friends by the River Eachaig.

(Especially Myrtle the Airedale. She was really Nice.)

Then there was Nice digging on the beach.

Exceptionally Nice weather 

And of course Nice cuddles with YAM-aunty. 

So it all adds up to Nice Nobby, right? 

We don't really have to tell everyone about YAM-aunty's favourite woolly hat, do we Gail? 

Oh apparently we do. 

And apparently the fact that this treasured family heirloom now has a hole chewed in the side and is mysteriously minus its bobble is considered to be a Bad Thing.

Naughty Nobby? Surely not! 


  1. Oh Nobby - you bad lad! No prizes for guessing how the hat came to have a hole in it and lost it's bobble! So not completely 100% Nice Nobby yet - and you were doing so well!
    It looks as though you had a splendid time with YAM-aunty, you lucky boy, so that's no way to repay her kindness and hospitality.
    Indy xx

  2. oooh what a super time you have!!! we agree myrtle looks like a super BFF for a young whft...

  3. Hari OM
    Well, Nobby, what can I say? The forecast was for a storm called Nobby to arrive at the Hutch - and for once the forecast was accurate! Even better, it was accurate about the rain finally going away and bright skies to prevail; for which let's be grateful. We did have fun, didn't we?!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Oops - at least YAM-aunty is smiling about her not perfect anymore hat. Myrtle sure looks like a fun playmate, Nobby!

  5. we all make mistakes now and then, and I KNOW auntie will give you a second chance and as we can all see by the last photo she looks really mad with you. brhahaha... so glad to see the sun is shining and you have so many visits with humans and canines and sand, sun, water... have fun today

  6. Oops - big moths? We are sure Yam-Aunty can use her skills to create some decorative overlay to fix the hole and it will all become part of the life story of The Hat. Everything needs to collect a few scars to mark its passage through life, and record the adventures it has experienced (like Japanese kintsugi). We love the look of your weather BTW (my human likes Myrtle), and the digging looks like fun. paw smacks Mr T

  7. Nobby darling what a fun fun time you had with YAM-Aunty and OMDs the Scottish weather was quite cooperative win win. Myrtle was indeed a lovely AireGale. I'm really sorry about Aunty's beloved hat. However, if I had to guess, the look on YAM's face tells me any naughty you might have been a part of was forgiven. What wonderful memories you 3 made.
    I hope there were extra hugs given out for Bryan and I too

  8. Tigger echoed my thoughts exactly. Yam-Aunty's exceptional knitting skills will be able to repair, if not liven, the hat, with a new bobble and perhaps additional colors!

  9. You sure look like you are having fun at Yam-Aunty's, Nobby. We're sure she will forgive any remaking of her hat you might have been a party to.

  10. Oh Mama often tells me, you are lucky you are so very cute!!

  11. Next time you poop, tell your Mommy you pooped the top of the cap, then watch her go through it. It is fun

  12. You just wanted to give your aunty an excuse to knit a new hat, right? And we are so jealous of the great hole you dug!

    Rosie and Redford


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